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Community Resources


413-781-2050 ext. 8300 

The AISS assists formerly incarcerated people in all aspects of their lives as they transition from incarceration into the community. Many of them face a range of issues, such as addiction, mental health problems, lack of identifying documents, employment obstacles, financial concerns, limited education, poor housing situations (or lack of housing), etc. They also cope with a lack of familial support, poor self-esteem, fear of failure, and a constant temptation to return to the criminal lifestyle.

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The Gándara Center is the host agency of the Hampden County Tobacco Free Community Partnership (TFCP), which supports the smoke-free efforts of Springfield and surrounding communities both in the home and in the workplace. TFCP helps to increase public knowledge of smoking as the leading preventable cause of death in Massachusetts. 


The Gándara’s Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) is a program that encourages youth to explore their goals and dreams. They help youth look at how teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) can get in the way of achieving those goals. PREP is a 12-hour program for youth ages 15 to 19. 


The purpose of Read/Write/Now is to help adults living in the greater Springfield area to achieve their basic education goals as family members, workers and community members. We provide an adult basic education program at no cost to participants. Our program promotes self-directed learning by recognizing and valuing the strengths and knowledge that adults bring to learning.


The Springfield City Library actively connects with its diverse community and provides effective resources and a safe space for all. Our Library is a hub for free access to information and technology, social and civic engagement, and support of personal enrichment, well-being, and lifelong learning.



 Instructors and staff are professionally trained in adult education. A variety of teaching methods and resources are used to help individuals attain certain benchmarks to advance to the next class. The length of time you will spend at any level will vary depending on your individual progress. Every student is assigned an Education and Career Advisor to help them achieve their education and career goals. No cost for residents of the City of Springfield. Individuals residing outside of the City of Springfield may register to take the HiSet test at no charge. Adult Basic Education and ESOL classes for residents outside of the City of Springfield are available only if the individual enrolls in the Ahead of the Game program.


The Springfield Adult Learning Center (SALC) provides free classes for adults to further their education by earning a High School Equivalency Certificate (HSE) which includes preparing for a GED or a HiSET exam; developing computer, email, or internet skills; learning English as a second language; or enrolling as a student at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) college after completing an HSE.


The mission of The Gray House is “to help its neighbors facing hardships to meet their immediate and transitional needs by providing food, clothing and educational services in a safe, positive environment in the North End of Springfield.”


Training Resources of America Incorporated (TRA) is a private, non-profit organization that has been providing quality education, employment, and training services in Massachusetts since 1975.TRA has made it possible for thousands of educationally and economically disadvantaged youth and adults to improve the quality of their lives.



Lighthouse Program offers services to adults with mental illness to prepare for, find and retain employment.


The NEFWC YouthWorks Employment is a state funded program serving 14-21 year old youth living in the Springfield, MA area. Youth are placed in worksites related to their career interest. Prior to beginning their work experience, youth must first complete the state required Signal Success Workshop to learn about the necessary skills required to be successful in the workforce.


Way Finders provides the Secure Jobs Initiative, focusing on job readiness, skills training, job placement, as well as increasing income for those who are employed is more productive for improving housing stability and financial resiliency for homeless and extremely low-income families.


SNAP Path to Work Program: provides education, training and work readiness preparation for individuals receiving food stamps assistance through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). Program components include: orientation/intake; enrollment/assessment; Adult Basic Education/High School Equivalency Preparation; counseling/case management/support services; vocational skills training (Customer Service, ServSafe Food Handler, Internet Basics, Keyboarding, Data Entry, Microsoft Word and Excel); job readiness training; and workplace skills development.


VIABILITY's industry-leading supported employment programs enable members to find and maintain jobs in the community while helping employers fulfill their training and staffing needs.


Wellspring Upholstery Cooperative (WUC) is a worker owned cooperative providing entry-level jobs that pay a living wage with benefits for low income Springfield Residents. WUC is a full service upholstery factory that provides quality workmanship in a timely manner for budget conscious commercial and institutional customers.



Food Pantry serves people from Ludlow, Wilbraham, and Hampden, as well as the Indian Orchard, Sixteen Acres, and Pine Point neighborhoods of Springfield.


Free hot lunch served seven days a week, no questions asked. Monday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Tuesday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Summer - Closed on Fridays


Will need to bring: A form of ID for all members of the household Proof of income Proof of address such as a piece of mail from the last six months (cannot be junk mail) or a lease agreement. MassHealth card will cover requirements 1 & 2. Households can receive food from The Gray House up to 10 times per year.


Provides emergency take-home food supplies to qualified city residents.  Clients must present proof of Chicopee residency and a current form of identification every six months. 


Senior food choice program on the 3rd Monday of every month. Helps people to file for Snap applications, paralegal on site 2x a month to assist and answers questions re: tenants rights, social security disability, immigration rights, state benefits, foreclosures and utility issues.


The mission of Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Services is to strive to foster an environment where we nurture and empower the aspirations of individuals, families, and youth to achieve new realities of peace, social and economic justice, self-determination, self-actualization, and self-sufficiency.


Holyoke Office: 413-552-5400 

Snap provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people living in the U.S. It is a federal aid program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service, though benefits are distributed by each U.S. state's Division of Social Services or Children and Family Services. 


WIC provides healthy foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to healthcare and other services, free of charge, to Massachusetts families who qualify.





EAEDC is a cash benefit for disabled adults, caretakers, and some children who are not able to get TAFDC (welfare). EAEDC is a state benefit. It is different from SSI, which is a federal benefit. You can not get both at the same time. EAEDC can help you if you are: Unable to work due to your own disability that will last at least 60 days Over 65 years old and waiting for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments to begin Living with and taking care of a child who is not closely related to you Participating in a Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission program Required in the home to take care of a disabled person who would otherwise have to move to an institution.



Springfield Partners for Community Action’s mission is to utilize and provide resources that assist people in need to obtain economic stability, ultimately creating a better way of life.



TAFDC is an economic assistance (cash benefit) program that helps pregnant individuals, families and caregivers explore opportunities, improve their finances, and reach their goals. You may be eligible if you: Have children 18 or younger, Are pregnant and are due in less than 4 months; if you are under age 20 you may be eligible at any stage of pregnancy, and/or Are a caregiver for a child you are related to but who is not your biological or adopted child As a caregiver, you can apply for TAFDC for only the child(ren) in your care. DTA will not look at your income and assets when you apply, even though the application is in your name. If the child in your case has income, that may affect eligibility. and: You live in Massachusetts, You or someone in your family are a U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant, and Your income and assets are below the TAFDC limits.



The Urban League has a legacy of working collaboratively with many community groups, organizations and institutions to expand our capacity to address serious social and public policy needs in the community. We will continue to do this to ensure that we maximize community assets in the resolution of persistent social deficits confronting the African American community.



Offers homelessness services/prevention, assistance buying a home, home rehab and repairs.         



Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield was established to help low- and moderate-income residents increase homeownership, promote rehabilitation of housing, and provide pre-purchase and post-purchase homeownership coaching.        



The mission of the SHA is to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.             



Offers families numerous low-income housing and rental assistance programs for low- and moderate-income residents.                                  



Financial support, emergency loans to pay a portion of grant, counseling, and referrals. Assistance with utility companies and landlords to deal with unpaid energy bill or rent.   


 Performs critical repairs, modifications, and rehabilitation to the homes and nonprofit facilities of low to moderate-income families that include families with children, military veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Offers programs to improve foreclosed homes, offers job-readiness training in construction and home repairs, and offers various assistance to small businesses in Western Mass.                           


Programs/Services: Housing Insecurity, Computer Literacy, Job Search / Readiness, Life Skills / Literacy, Parenting Skills, Workplace Education / Partnerships.



Supportive housing services for young adults experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 - 24 years old and meet the HUD homeless eligibility requirement.       



Springfield NHS is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the United States Department of the Treasury. The Homeownership Center of Springfield NHS provides a full array of mortgage products to potential homebuyers located anywhere within the Commonwealth.  Loan products include those for purchase, refinance and/or rehabilitation.  Springfield NHS has helped hundreds of families achieve their dreams of sustainable homeownership. In the past, as part of its strategy to stabilize and stimulate development within the community, Springfield NHS has acquired many blighted and abandoned properties for renovation and built new houses on vacant lots for sale to families.                                    



Offers, housing assistance programs for disabled and low-income residents with mental issues. The state tries to find a solution to a housing crisis or an upcoming eviction.                                      



Offers many low-income assistance programs. This includes rent help, low-income housing, referrals to local charities and non-profits, and much more.                           


Hotline: 800-796-8711      


Provides shelter and housing support to those escaping violence in the home.                              




In Massachusetts, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are combined into one program called MassHealth. MassHealth members may be able to get doctors’ visits, prescription drugs, hospital stays, and many other important services.      



The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is administered by MassHealth and Medicare to provide a wide range of medical, social, recreational, and wellness services to eligible participants. You do not need to be on MassHealth to enroll in PACE. However, if you meet the income and asset guidelines, you may be eligible for MassHealth and MassHealth may pay your PACE premium.                



Senior Care Options (SCO) is a comprehensive health plan that covers all the services normally paid for through Medicare and MassHealth. This plan provides services to members through a senior care organization and its network of providers. It combines health services with social support services by coordinating care and specialized geriatric support services, along with respite care for families and caregivers.    



 The SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Program provides free health insurance information and counseling to all Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers. People who have Medicare or who are about to become eligible for Medicare can meet with a counselor to learn about benefits and options available. A counselor will review programs that help people with limited income to pay health care costs.                      

Resources for Nonprofits




The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts seeks to enrich the quality of life of the people of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties by   encouraging philanthropy, developing a permanent, flexible endowment, assessing and responding to emerging and changing needs, serving as a resource, catalyst and coordinator for charitable activities, and promoting efficiency in the management of charitable funds.

A one-stop shop for accessible, customizable information that provides the public, nonprofits, municipalities, and charitable foundations with a user-friendly tool to examine and assess a wide range of regional metrics..

Most nonprofits turn to outside consultants from time to time. Though the scope, cost and intensity of consulting engagements vary widely, these consultation projects can help your agency become more effective and increase your impact.

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The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) is the voice of the nonprofit sector, a statewide organization that brings together all parts of the nonprofit ecosystem—nonprofits, funders, community and business leaders, and elected officials—to strengthen nonprofits and raise the sector’s voice on critical issues. MNN understands that strong nonprofits build strong communities. It is MNN’s mission to strengthen the nonprofit community through advocacy, public awareness, and capacity building.




The Stop Access Drug-Free Communities Coalition is a citywide coalition serving Springfield, Massachusetts with the goal of addressing community-level change to prevent and reduce underage drinking, and use of marijuana and tobacco/nicotine under the age of twenty-one years, focusing primarily on middle and high school age youth.



ndara provides flexible, bilingual, family-driven, wraparound services for children and teens experiencing serious emotional disturbances.


Programs include:

Intensive Care Coordination, Family Support and Training, In-Home Therapy, In-Home Behavioral Services, Therapeutic Mentoring, Family Support and Stabilization.



Provides individualized support to adults 22 years or older with mental health challenges so they can live successfully in their community or in a Group Living Environment (GLE) Residential home.    



Long-term shared living program funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is for adults 22 years of age or older who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. The individual shares a home with a family or care provider. The Shared Living Provider receives support from Gándara Center to make sure the needs of the individual are met. Support services for the partner include a monthly stipend, paid for room and board. Gándara offers individualized clinical and nursing resources in addition to providing training opportunities for CPR, First Aid, and human rights.           



Provides long-term community-based placements for adults 22 years of age and older who have mild to severe intellectual disabilities. Residential settings are staffed 24/7 and provide clinical and medical support, day treatment and medication administration. Gandara's highly trained staff assist individuals to help them reach their full potential through service plan development and specialized support.            


Gándara Addiction Recovery Program is a 42-bed residential program that provides long-term recovery treatment to Spanish-speaking men who have a history of drug and alcohol use and are not currently using drugs or alcohol.  



MHA (Mental Health Association) helps people live their best life. We provide access to therapies for emotional health and wellness; services for substance use recovery, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury; services for housing and residential programming, and more. With respect, integrity and compassion, MHA provides everyone served through person-driven programming to foster independence, community engagement, wellness, and recovery.         



Outpatient Clinics offer a broad array of bilingual and bicultural clinical and addiction services for adults, families, children, and adolescents including individual group psychotherapy, diagnostic assessments, and treatment.       



 Prescription Advantage is a state-sponsored prescription drug program for seniors and people with disabilities. Prescription Advantage provides financial help to lower prescription drug costs. If you have Medicare or other prescription insurance, Prescription Advantage helps to fill gaps in coverage. For people not eligible for Medicare, Prescription Advantage provides primary prescription drug coverage.     



This is a 10-slot treatment facility that is contracted with the Department of Youth Services.  Youth care is centered on trauma-informed care practice, which is a strength-based framework and implements a positive-based Behavior Modification Incentive System, incorporating Dialectical Behavior Therapy, through all levels of staffing.                 

            Chicopee Phone: 413-654-1564               

Holyoke Phone: 413-539-5874   


 The short-term (14–45 days), co-ed program provides shelter and assesses youth who are moved from one housing unit to another. Services include comprehensive assessment; medication management; individual and family therapy; anger management and life skills group; education support; sensory therapy; transportation; recreation; and comprehensive case management using a trauma-informed approach. Each STARR facility has a mix of respite and assessment beds.                      



 Located in Springfield, Valor Recovery Center is a safe place where people from different backgrounds, life experiences and gender identities come together. Volunteers and staff work to build a judgment-free community that is peer-driven, recovery-centered and embraces all pathways of recovery.                     

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